Cultivate responsible stewardship of all of our resources.

5.1 || Identify, develop and implement strategies to increase the percentage of non-tuition/fee revenue earned.



5.2 || Support advanced infrastructure to expand high-speed WI-FI for indoor and outdoor spaces on all Murray State College campus locations.



5.3 || Improve faculty and staff retention from fall-to-fall through engagement, satisfaction and salary increases.



5.4 || Develop a college-wide facilities master plan that emphasizes the design of ideal learning and working environments, sustainability and conservation practices, and capital resource stewardship.



5.5 || Identify, develop and implement a college-wide committee to review and make recommendations to address the viability and effectiveness of academic and non-academic programs.



5.6 || Implement a data governance committee to ensure data integrity and security.



5.7 || Identify, develop and implement marketing strategic plan to increase brand awareness and gauge reputation