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UCSO becomes Murray State College in Ardmore

UCSO is now MSC Ardmore 

In 1974 the Oklahoma State Legislature created the Ardmore Higher Education Center.  The center was created to allow Oklahoma colleges and universities to bring higher education programs closer to students in southern Oklahoma. 

Murray State College became one of the first participating institutions with responsibility for all freshman- and sophomore-level courses. Southeastern Oklahoma State University and East Central University offered upper-level courses at the facility which was located in a building owned by Ardmore City Schools. The first group of students numbered 110 in 10 programs, and in 1977, the center was made permanent by state statute. 

With the financial support of many local foundations, community groups, businesses and individuals, construction on a new building, named the University Center of Southern Oklahoma, began in 2016 at 2901 Mt. Washington Road on 103 acres adjacent to Ardmore City Schools’ property. The building includes a 49,000 square foot health, science and math building with four science laboratories and two nursing skills’ laboratories.  It also includes numerous multimedia and interactive television classrooms, along with a library, testing center, student lobby and offices.

The advent of technology and online instruction, in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-21, led to declining enrollments and financial difficulties in Ardmore. In 2021, the Oklahoma State Legislature signed an emergency bill designating the University Center of Southern Oklahoma as Murray State College Ardmore.

On July 1, 2021, Murray State College officially took possession of the building which will be operated as Murray State College Ardmore to provide access to associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs from across Oklahoma.  Freshman- and sophomore-level courses will continue to be provided by MSC with upper-level programs offered in virtual and other formats.  Langston University currently offers its nursing program at MSC Ardmore.

Murray State College in Tishomingo is proud to introduce its sister institution in Ardmore which will operate fully as Murray State College with regard to admission, tuition, scheduling, grading, along with all other benefits and requirements.

Why choose MSC Ardmore?

Murray State College Ardmore (formerly UCSO) offers a unique educational opportunity for students.  At MSC-Ardmore, Murray State College partners with Langston University and Southeastern Oklahoma State University to offer not only associate degrees though MSC, but also undergraduate, and graduate degrees in varied disciplines.

Taking classes at MSC Ardmore expands on MSC's vision of "From Here, Go Anywhere, " by adding additional opportunities for students to achieve educational goals beyond associates degree through online and remote classes at SOSU, and the B.A in Nursing program through Langston. These partnerships help students achieve personal and professional goals - all in a friendly setting close to home. 

MSC Ardmore Facilities

Our state-of-the-art building covers 49,000 square feet and includes four science laboratories, two nursing skills laboratories, and numerous multimedia and interactive television classrooms. This facility was built on property generously provided through private funding.  

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