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Murray State College Shares Current Plan for Shooting Sports Range

October 13, 2022


Murray State College has long been an institution that offers quality program opportunities that make Aggies more well-rounded citizens.

The investment in a world-class shooting sports program is no exception to that end. The students hone their unique skills and learn life lessons. The goal is to foster an environment that first and foremost instills firearm and range safety, with an emphasis on honoring and respecting others.

“Aggies never do anything halfway or at the expense of others,” said Dr. Tim Faltyn, Murray State College President. “This is why we have created concept plans to build a state-of-the-art competition shooting sports facility.”

After multiple discussions with the Tishomingo community members who expressed concern about the proposed location of a new shooting facility, the college has decided to choose a different location to build the proposed comprehensive shooting sports facility that will be a competition venue and economic development tool for the college and the community where it will be located.

“In the meantime, we will invest in our current practice range to make it an excellent practice facility designed for our shooting sports teams,” said Faltyn. “At the same time, we will also go to work on fully developing a comprehensive range that meets the competition needs of our shooting sports program as well as our law enforcement partners and the communities we serve.”

We don’t want the competition shooting sports facility to be divisive, we want it to be well received and appreciated for the reputational and economic benefit that it will generate. In the end, this will be a win for all involved.

The decision is a result of a willingness to listen and find the best possible solution. “The strength of this 114-year-old institution rests on its ability to positively engage and listen to our community in an effort to find solutions that benefit everyone we serve and serve with,” said Faltyn. “We will continue to be a good partner to our communities and our stakeholders. We are better together than any of us could be by ourselves.”