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Murray State College reports sizable enrollment increase for fall 2020 semester

September 03, 2020


For fall 2020, Murray State College is reporting an almost 12 percent increase in FTE (Full Time Equivalent) numbers over fall 2019 for its Tishomingo campus.  When added to numbers for other MSC locations, the college-wide FTE average was up more than three (3) percent overall. 

“We were uncertain what this semester might bring and are thrilled to have higher enrollment numbers than last year,” said MSC President Joy McDaniel.  “Things are going more smoothly than expected with social distancing and the campus-wide wearing of masks.  We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Students at Murray have been encouraged to take advantage of HyFlex opportunities that allow for attending in person or participating in classes via Zoom.  Many students have chosen to Zoom, but just as many are continuing with regular in-person lecture classes.  Online offerings have continued to be popular among students as well, with more than 50 percent enrolling in online classes.

An eight-week session of mostly online general education classes, including psychology, government, history, English composition, and others will begin October 12.  There are financial aid issues to be considered for October start classes and potential students are encouraged to reach out with questions to financial aid staff prior to enrollment.  Financial aid for concurrent high school students who enroll in the October session is not a concern since tuition may be paid through the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

“We expect our October slate of classes to improve fall enrollment numbers even more.  The enrollment increase at MSC is a bright spot in the 2020 landscape,” said McDaniel.

Students who are interested in enrolling for the upcoming October session may contact academic advisement at