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Murray State College Receives Water Conservation Award

December 02, 2022


Murray State College recently received the Heart of Conservation award from the Chickasaw Nation of Natural Resources for the College’s dedication for efforts to ensure national resources stewardship.

“The leadership at Murray continues to embrace a commitment to sustainability within the Tishomingo community,” said Kris Patton, Chickasaw Nation Director of Natural Resources. “This exemplifies the importance of working together to ensure this for future generations. Murray State continues to be a valued partner in community sustainability across the Chickasaw Nation and the Tishomingo community.”

Murray State College has worked to break down community barriers towards development of an enhanced water supply that serves all citizens of Tishomingo. The city is nearing completion on the vision to develop a shared water treatment plant based on committed and engaged leadership from Murray State.

“We work closely with the community to develop solutions that benefits our entire community, far beyond our campus boundaries,” said Justin Cellum, Murray State College Vice President of Operations. “We pull water from the same source as Tishomingo. It’s important that our main focus be on key water infrastructure improvements.”

Upgrading Murray’s irrigation systems will save thousands of gallons of water each year, and installing smart water meter technology will ensure quick leak detection and the ability to manage overall campus usage throughout our campus buildings.

“We were built to overcome situations like this,” said Dr. Tim Faltyn, Murray State President, “and it’s partnerships like these that help us be better together than we could ever be by ourselves.”