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Murray State College employees recognized for excellence, length of service and rank

August 10, 2020


At this year’s fall all-employee meeting on August 3, Murray State College faculty and staff were recognized for excellence by their peers, as well as institutional length of service at five, 15, 20, 30 and 35-year levels, and for changes in rank.

Murray State is comprised of many talented individuals who remain dedicated to student success year after year.  Within our college community we will continue working together as a team to provide top-tier education and customer service,” said MSC President Joy McDaniel. 

Employees selected by their colleagues for Employee of the Year awards were faculty member Susan Yeager, chair of the Arts and Humanities Division, and Sean Dean, a member of the IT Division who is working to coordinate software and system upgrades in the college community.

Employees receiving recognition for length of service were: President Joy McDaniel, 35 years; Dr. Kirk Rodden, 30 years; Becky Henthorn, Gary Robinson and Janice Wallace, 25 years; Heather McLean, 20 years; Wilma Ayers and Ginger Cothran, 15 years; and Amy McCain and Sharon Young, 10 years; with Paul Short, Susan Yeager and Russell Young receiving five-year awards.

Also announced during the meeting was the promotion of faculty members.  Those promoted in rank were Dr. Rebecca Jacobs-Pollez and Don Loving from associate professor to professor; Christy Uzzel from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor; with Susan Yeager and Susan Priddy advancing from instructor to assistant professor.

“Our faculty members are committed to their subject areas and their students.  They are amazing individuals with talents that improve Murray State College both inside and outside the classroom,” said McDaniel.

Murray State College is enrolling now through August 21 for the fall 2020 semester. 

2020 Employees of the Year

MSC President Joy McDaniel, (left) poses with Murray State Employees of the Year during an all-employee meeting on campus August 3, 2020.  Selected by their peers for outstanding service within the college this year are Susan Yeager (second from left), chair of MSC's Arts and Humanities Department and Sean Dean, a member of the college's Institutional Technology (IT) Department.