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Murray State College announces study abroad opportunities for 2020

February 17, 2020


Murray State College launched a global education program in 2014 that has allowed students to explore new and exciting places around the world.  Since creation of the study abroad program, participants have traveled to Ireland, England, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Belize and other exotic locations.

Travel opportunities offer college credit for students and community members can engage in study abroad adventures as well.  The program is led by MSC Assistant Professor Michele Elmer who also teaches full-time as a member of Murray State’s science-department faculty.

Upcoming trips include Amsterdam/Paris/London and Italy/ Greece in May 2020, Belize in June, and Germany/Italy in July 2020.  A special study abroad for high-school students the summer after graduation is also in the works.  The senior summer seminar may be compatible with offerings for concurrent students in which tuition is paid through the state’s concurrent enrollment program.

“Study/travel abroad courses often change the lives of students and all who participate.  Graduates with degrees that include evidence of global awareness and education also receive more employment offers in a competitive job market,” said MSC President Joy McDaniel.

Murray State College offers an associate of science degree in international studies that can lead to a bachelor’s degree at several four-year institutions in Oklahoma.  Study abroad courses may also be used for humanities credits or elective courses in many degree programs.  Highlights and additional details about study abroad may be found on the Murray State College webpage at or directly at 

For information, please contact Michele Elmer at 580-387-7504 or email