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Murray State College Announces Honor Rolls for Spring 2020

June 15, 2020


The Murray State College Registrar’s Office has announced the honor roll for the spring 2020 semester.  Students who take at least 12 credit hours of collegiate-level coursework and earn no grade lower than an “A” are listed on the President’s Honor Roll.  Students who take at least 12 credit hours of collegiate-level coursework and earn no grade lower than a “B” are listed on the Vice-President’s Honor Roll.

A total of 274 students were named to 2020 spring semester honor rolls at Murray State College, including 103 students named to the President's Honor Roll for earning an “A” grade in all their courses.

(Please see below for a list of honor roll students from each town)

“We congratulate and applaud our honor roll students for academic excellence.  It is no small task to undertake 12 or more hours and earn top grades, especially considering the challenge of dealing with issues encountered during this spring semester,” said MSC President Joy McDaniel.

Enrollment is currently ongoing for fall semester courses at Murray State College which begin on Monday, August 17, 2020. 


President’s Honor Roll – Misty Buck, Heather Nickell, and Macy Smith

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Cheyenne Falland, Sandy Bixler, Myra Chitto, Karen Hart, Brennon Hensley,  Mckenzie Hudson, Brittany    Sollazzo, and Lorenza Vasquez-Kirk

Alexander, AR
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Jacob Wright

President’s Honor Roll – Meegan Costner and Jensen Peay

Vice President’s Honor Roll- Rece Bankston

President’s Honor Roll – Nicholas Atencio, Jillian Clark, Abbigayle Coley, Cougan Collins, Sallena Franklin, Rhiannan Hinkle, Robert Joy, Leslie   Kutz, Haleigh Kyle, Tiffany Manning, Janay Marks, Jaret Miller, Jessica Muller, Brandi Olvera, Caleb Pack, Anna Quesada, Leah Selensky, Taylor Shannon, James Simpler, and Ashton Trent

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Emily Torres, Tori Wilson, Isabel Allen, Jacob Allen, Mykayla Bowser, Gerardo Carrillo, Madison Cimo, Joseph Clark, Zachary Cole, Kaitlyn England, Tori-Ann Garner, Spencer Goodson, Colton Hembree, Autumn Henry, Payton Ingle, Carrie Lemons, Reagan Littleton, Sarah Livingston, Brianna Owens, Kinjal Patel, Amber Payne, Nicholas Penn, Hunter Reames, Alexandra Ross, Michael Shannon, McKinzie Stoddard, Micheal Sundeen, Bernardo Villagomez, Rachel White, and Brooklynn Wilkins

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Colt Foster, Alisha Lucas, David Milam, Maria Murillo, Jenna Rico and Kristan Williams

President’s Honor Roll – Kelsey Sherry         

President’s Honor Roll – Caroline Pattison

Baytown, TX
President’s Honor Roll – Melizza Hernandez

Vice President’s Honor Roll – Cade Heavin

President’s Honor Roll – Hope Sussman

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Robbi Sorrell and Rylee Carter

Bushland, TX
President’s Honor Roll – Jenna Mayer

President’s Honor Roll – Halli Culbreath

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Alissa French and Kylie Manning

President’s Honor Roll – Sherri Nutter
Vice-President’s Honor Roll –Bailie Walker

Vice President’s Honor Roll – Kirsten Garner

President’s Honor Roll – Alexis Lambert
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Hannah Ivey

President’s Honor Roll – Katherine Irwin
Vice President’s Honor Roll – Josie Richard and Mikki Thompson

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Dalton Dougherty

President’s Honor Roll – Madison Roberson

Crandall, TX
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Alexes Sanchez

President’s Honor Roll – Lauren Esparza
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Blaine Buckaloo, Sarah Busby, and Samantha Skelly

Deepwater, MO
President’s Honor Roll – Brooke Dunning

Denison, TX
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Katherine Bonham and Kailee Gaddis

President’s Honor Roll – Morgan Bonds
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Skyler Southerland and Taylor Norton

President’s Honor Roll – Austin Teat
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Shaya Claxton, Lorraine Dillard, Karson Dry, and Aubree Goodwin

Elmore City
Vice President’s Honor Roll – Bobby Bishop and Megan Gardner

Fort Gibson
President’s Honor Roll – Makenzie Austin

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Kenyan Oliver

Vice President’s Honor Roll – JolieGoodman

Garland, TX
President’s Honor Roll – Katia Casanova
Vice President’s Honor Roll- Juliet Torres Gonzales

Gene Autry
President’s Honor Roll – Josaiah Beal

President’s Honor Roll – Lynzee Smith

President’s Honor Roll – Gracie Doughty, Cynthia Thomsen, and Cheyenne Wright
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Brianna Christian, Chelsey Sloan, Belinda McGuire, and Mayson Sullivan

President’s Honor Roll – Makayla Crawford and Calysta Garner

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Alexis Logan

President’s Honor Roll – Kirsti Kenedy, Renee Mireles, and Kristynia Parsons
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Maya Phelps, Hannah Arterberry, Harlee Bailey, Alivia McCuan, and Kes Reeves

President’s Honor Roll – Jacy Wills

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Alexis Hall

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Andrew Barber

Vice President’s Honor Roll – Amber Hassanshahi

Vice President’s Honor Roll – Rachel Wilson

Lone Grove
President’s Honor Roll – Randi Barrington, Jake Cunningham, Madelynn Lee, Amber Rohrig, Samantha Rushing, Brooklyn Shaw, and Katherine Teafatiller
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Mimi Atkinson, Jaclyn Burkhart, Emilee Goode, and Hanna Steele

Longview, TX
President’s Honor Roll – David Sanchez

Lorena, TX
President’s Honor Roll – Caidon Livingston

President’s Honor Roll – Elizabeth Chester, Natalee Alvarez, Tanyia Keltner, Reagan Miller, Chancey Pearson, Melanie Piper, Paizlee Szenasi, Jese Valeriano, Makayla Williams, and Landri Zink
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Kiera Andruzzi, Damon Robinson, Ana Arvizu, Maria Arvizu, Caitlin Bralley, Bailey  Daniel, Brooklyn Luelf, Julio Piedra, Nayely Rangel, and Jordan Talkington

President’s Honor Roll – Rachel Page
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – James Marsh and Laura Quiroz

President’s Honor Roll – Rebecca Carroll and Emily  Sloan
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Samanta Olguin, Francisco Sanchez, and Margarita Sanchez

President’s Honor Roll- McKailey Rennaker
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Joe Bridges and Ryan Ridge

Vice-President’s Honor Roll- Shandra Mathis

McKinney, TX
President’s Honor Roll – Tyler Reiter

President’s Honor Roll – Daniel Wood
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Michael Wood

Vice President’s Honor Roll- Brandon Blue, Elizabeth Faull, Sunni Moore, and Natalie Smith

Mill Creek
President’s Honor Roll – Allison Pitmon
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Chloe Imotichey

Monroe, LA
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – James Burtram and Ermis Wilson

Mount Pleasant, TX
President’s Honor Roll – Alexander Guzman

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Makenzie Lasker

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Jordan Baze

O’Fallon, IL
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Matthew Albritton

Oklahoma City
Vice President’s Honor Roll – Inez Henson and Dalton Tarrant

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Cole Inouye-Boyd

Paradise, TX
Vice President’s Honor Roll – Kendall Candioto

Paris, TX
Vice President’s Honor Roll – Brooke Smothers

Pauls Valley
Vice-President’s Honor Roll –Ah'Briana Avery, Paige Briscoe, and Kyla McCurdy

President’s Honor Roll – Madisyn Tolle
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Samual Gilman and Corey McGregor

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Kassidy Perkins and Bailey Storie

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Kelsie Myers and Kendall Sanford

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Shelby Linscott and Blaire Wilson

President’s Honor Roll – Mikayla Rutland
Vice President’s Honor Roll-  Jayden Shafer

Sherman, TX
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Keyana  Collier, Courtney Crane, and Payton Griffin

President’s Honor Roll – Dylan Hardwick

Vice President’s Honor Roll – Joshua Hicks

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Vanessa Cothren

President’s Honor Roll – Michaela Johnston
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Kamryn Adams, Jaci Jackson, Hunter Mann, Stevie Pigeon, Eneida Ruiz, and Aubrey Tuttle

President’s Honor Roll – Channing Scallorn

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Emilee Martin

President’s Honor Roll – Kayla Bertwell, Roxanne Dickerson, Blake Easterling, Natalea Harcrow,  Bobi McWhorter, Ishioma Okpue, Jaylon Sneed, Brennan Waitman, Ashlee Walker, and Kassidy Wooley
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Bryer Wood, Joshua Chipps, Marc Byles, Jaisa Daniels, and Elisabeth Harris

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Jessica Sliger

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Savannah McGuire

Vernon, TX
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Dshun Ford

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Shem'mario Stephens

Waco, TX
President’s Honor Roll – Jacob Bravo

President’s Honor Roll – Kellie Burke, Racelyn Gemmell, and Hailey Storie
Vice-President’s Honor Roll –  James Beasley and Mary Walker

Winona, TX
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Randaysha Hanson

Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Abigail Maple

Wylie, TX
Vice President’s Honor Roll – Taylor Battiest

President’s Honor Roll – Logan Martin
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Cheyennea Duke and Kassidy Randall

International Students: 
President’s Honor Roll - Tom Adwar, Lucille Bluntschli, Diego Cortes Gomez, Manuella Donmeza, Luyanda Nogenga, and Denin Spriggs
Vice-President’s Honor Roll – Daniel Huff, Katariina Kaikkonen, Lethabo Kedijang, Bantu Massae, and Andressa Nascimento