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Message from President McDaniel

June 05, 2020


Murray State College is thankful to have a diverse population, and we believe higher education can help create positive change in the world. We especially seek change around issues that have hurt and challenged even the most resolute, some of whom have given their lives to seek justice for all. Here are some of our values and commitments to all students and the communities we serve.

We are a campus community of individuals, and we value our differences.  Our hearts and minds will remain open to one and all. 
We value discussion and education around what makes us the same and what makes us unique.  
We strive for equality and work daily toward common understanding of one another.
Our belief is that higher education is the perfect platform for expression of new ideas, new hopes and new dreams for our campus and the global community.
We stand together in support of kindness, acceptance and understanding.  We stand against violence.

We are here, we are listening and we are working to be part of systemic change that improves the world in which we all live. We encourage you to join us, reach out to us and stand with us in support of the human race.  

Joy McDaniel, President
Murray State College