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It's May 8, 2020, but it's not the commencement day we had planned.

May 08, 2020


It's May 8, 2020, but it's not the commencement day we had planned.  Not the day we look forward to every year.  Not a day for putting out programs and cowbells.  Not the time for taking photos with favorite instructors and decorating caps.  Campus is closed and we're working from home, but still it's a great day.  It's a great day because we're celebrating a brand new class of graduates at Murray State College.  

We are celebrating their accomplishments, their dedication, and their willingness to be flexible.  We're celebrating their future plans and their dreams.

They are the graduating class of 2020 and they will always have a special place in our hearts.  They have adapted to the world around them (one of the skills we strive to teach through higher education) and they have reached their goals.  Graduating is what takes place when a student completes the requirements for a college degree.  Commencements are wonderful ceremonies to celebrate that accomplishment.  

While we won't be celebrating these accomplishments in person right now, we're celebrating today just the same.   We may not be with you in person, but we are with you in spirit, and we are cheering you on from our kitchen tables and home offices. 

To all our 2020 graduates - you have achieved so much and we're reaching out to each and every one of you with congratulations and best wishes.

From here you really can go anywhere!