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COVID-19 Stories: Logan Dunlap, MSC Student

May 01, 2020

COVID-19 Stories: Logan Dunlap, MSC Student

Excerpt from essay assisgnment shared with student's permission

"The first several days of online classes I cried every day.  I cried because I was not learning anything and because of the stress I was feeling.  I am a hands-on, no-distraction learner, so trying to learn online is nearly impossible.  About two weeks into the online classes, I started to seriously ask myself if I wanted to go to college anymore at all.  I pondered on that thought for a long time.  I had just about decided to call it quits when I received an email from one of my professors with a link attached.  I clicked on the link and it was a video that Murray State College had created.  I was sitting in a Walmart parking lot a few towns over when I watched the video.  I began crying as it said to not give up and that there would only be a few weeks left of the madness.  Because of this video, I am still taking classes."

 - Logan Dunlap

Attention MSC Students: A message from the Murray State College Faculty-