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Financial Aid MSC Ardmore

Financial Aid

Murray State College knows students may need financial assistance with tuition and fees.  The professionals in the  MSC Financial Aid Office and the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) office will be your financial aid experts to guide your college application and financial arrangements, making it as stress-free as possible. 


  1. Contact the MSC Financial Aid Office or Kirk Rushing with EOC 
  2. ​Complete the FAFSA application online. (Click HERE)

Make an appointment today!  By the way, there is no charge to apply for federal student aid.

Murray State College Financial Aid

MSC FAFSA Code: 003158

Rhonda Glenn, Academic Advisement/Financial Aid Liaison (580) 319-0329

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TRIO Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)

The Education Opportunity Center is a federally-funded program to help adults 19 and over to enter (or re-enter) post-secondary education. This is a free resource.  Students receive assistance with financial aid, career exploration and admission applications.  JUST CALL US!

Contact Information:

Kirk Rushing, 580-223-4476

Autum Godwin, 580-226-7362

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