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Honorlock is your friend for finals!

Murray State College offices, including testing centers, will be closed for the semester after November 20, 2020.  

If you have finals that need to be proctored, please be prepared to use Honorlock after November 20.   You are allowed to access Honorlock on your own computer, a public library computer, a computer in the Resource Center at UCSO in Ardmore or any other available computer.  There are no restrictions EXCEPT that whatever computer you use must have a webcam and meet the speed test requirements for Honorlock's system.

If you do not have any computer options that allow for use of Honorlock, please contact and a coordinator will work with you to schedule a time for Zoom proctoring of your exam.  If you anticipate the need for Zoom proctoring, make this request as soon as possible to allow for proper scheduling.

Thank you and best wishes for great grades this semester,

- The Testing Center

Honorlock Resources for Students

Honorlock offers cloud-based solutions to curb academic dishonesty during online assessments. The innovative software detects and discourages cheating while remaining non-invasive. 

Honorlock provides direct, 24/7 technical support (via live chat) at:

How to Use Honorlock 

What you will need to use Honorlock:

Note: You can only use the Google Chrome browser to take exams that are proctored by Honorlock.

Before starting your first exam that is proctored by Honorlock, you will need to download the Honorlock Google Chrome extension (you should only need to complete this process once each time you use a computer to take an exam).

System Requirements:

  • A laptop or desktop computer (not a tablet)
  • Google Chrome browser
  • One-time installation of a Chrome browser extension (The system will guide you through this simple step.)
  • If you use multiple Google accounts we recommend “Setting up Chrome Profiles” to simplify your workflow.
  • A webcam
  • A stable and strong Internet connection (We strongly advise testing your system in advance via a link on the Honorlock support page.)

Need Help or Have Honorlock Questions?

Click Here to Contact the MSC Testing Center

6 Things You Must Do Before Your Exam- A Quick Referance Guide to Honorlock

Honorlock Knowledge Base

Honorlock Student Guide on Blackboard

Honorlock Student FAQ

Have Honorlock questions while in an exam? You can access the live chat option provided in the 24/7 Proctoring Support section of the right-hand toolbar. You can also access Honorlock’s live chat by clicking the “Begin Live Chat” button found on the Honorlock Support page. 

If you are having HonorLock issues or it will not work for your computer,  please visit the MSC Testing Center webpage for contact information or to submit questions and concerns.