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Library Services

Chat with a librarian The Murray State College library has instituted a live chat service for patrons.  If you need help locating resources, scheduling research help or have any other questions, this is the quickest way to do so!

More resources: 

JSTOR, a large digital library featuring perioidicals, scholarly research and books. Great for finding peer-reviewed research.  

Digital Public Library of America, a massive online library featuring interesting exhibitions on historical topics.  Also a good place for primary sources. 

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture, your best bet for researching our state history online.  

OpenStax, a large collection of online textbooks on a variety of subjects.  

OER Commons, a collection of open online textbooks and other supplemental resources. 

Online resources for nursing students: 

While the library is closed students will unfortunately be unable to access our anatomical models.  We have assembled a list of online resources to use instead.

Gross Anatomy
Introduction to the Human Body (National Institute of Health)
Human Anatomy Learning Modules (Dartmouth)

Videos and movies

You can access our subscription to Films On Demand here. There are thousands of movies and documentaries to choose from. 

Popular reading

The Internet Archive has created the National Emergency Library featuring 1.4 million online books.  Fully searchable, full text.  

Need some leisure readinig to pass the time while social distancing?  Profesor Wu over at Nothing in the Rulebook  has curated a list of 45 websites whrere you can downloads thousands of books and other literary texts completely free!  

Resources for researching racism in US History

This year has seen the national conversation turn torward issues of race and history in a way not seen since the Civil Rights Movement.  Toward this end, JSTOR has created Institutionalized Racism: A Syllabus, placing the events of the death of George Floyd and subsequent protests wthin a broader historical context.  

Oklahoma History!

Dive into Oklahoma's rich and fascinating history with these great resources from the Oklahoma Historical Society. 

Libary services PDF documentation- On the following PDF, you will find information regarding the following services: References, Technical, Interlibrary Loan, Course Reserves, and Circulation.

Library Services Downloadable PDF