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MSC COVID-19 Response Task Force Charge and Timeline

A task force has been appointed to create plans and recommendations to resume on-campus instruction and residential life for the fall 2020 semester. The MSC COVID-19 Response Task Force is charged with helping the college protect and support the health and safety of its students, faculty and staff while maintaining its mission and commitment to provide opportunities for student learning, personal growth, professional success and community enhancement. 

Reporting to the President, the Task Force is made up of faculty, staff and members of the surrounding health community, and will be responsible for assessing the potential impacts of the COVID-19 virus and recommending policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of the MSC community while maintaining academic, business and administrative operations. The goal is to develop plans for academic and all other operations for the Fall 2020 semester, while at the same time anticipating modifications to our schedules, practices and personal behaviors in order to protect the health and well-being of all.

To achieve these goals, the Task Force has been organized into three working groups:

  • Academic Affairs: Instruction, Classroom and Lab - This working group is developing plans for organizing the fall semester by evaluating a range of in-person, online and hybrid courses for MSC’s academic programs. They will work to create courses and sections that decrease the potential of spread and outbreak and recommend ways to reduce people density in instructional spaces. They will also work to provide recommendations for the development of instructional support and training to be used as faculty resources.
  • Health and Safety - This working group will focus on all medical, health-related and safety issues regarding COVID-19 throughout the MSC campus. The scope of this working group includes developing guidelines to protect student and employee health at all times. They will evaluate protocol for testing and contact tracing, setting social distancing recommendations, planning for mental health services for students and staff, PPE purchasing, planning for continued campus sanitation, planning for isolation quarters for COVID-19 positive students, interpreting CDC, Federal and State guidelines, and making recommendations about the establishment of new COVID-19-related policies and protocols.
  • Campus Life - This working group will focus on the many activities and facilities of campus life outside the classroom, including the MSC Library, residence life, food services and dining, athletics, transportation, admissions and orientation. They will work to evaluate options for residential housing and dining, safe practices for student activities and athletics, modifications of orientation and safe practices for the use of MSC facilities.

The goal of each working group is to provide recommendations for the fall 2020 calendar as part of a Task Force report to President McDaniel by June 15. 

How You Can Be Involved

The Task Force would like to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please click the link below so that you may contribute your thoughts to the working groups. 

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