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Aggies All IN: Returning to Campus

With the safety of all in mind, we have developed a detailed plan to protect our Aggie Family. Our COVID-19 Task Force has been hard at work to address issues surrounding our return, but all of us must take responsibility for our personal health and safety. Please follow the recommended guidelines – or take them a step further if your personal comfort level requires – and join together with the entire campus community as we embrace the ideal of all-for-one and one-for all.

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Murray State College
Weekly COVID Pandemic Situation Update

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Student Guidance

Information for students applies to ALL Murray State College students while on campus.  Even if you’re taking online classes, a trip to the Bookstore would put you in the middle of campus.  Please be mindful of your responsibility to yourself and others in the Murray State College campus community.  Your continued support and participation in our efforts to keep campus safe is appreciated.

Guidance for MSC Employees

Most MSC employees have returned to campus. However, some may be working remotely with the permission of supervisors.  Supervisors will continue to address timelines and work responsibilities.  However, if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please notify your supervisor and seek guidance from healthcare professionals.  Do not travel to campus if you have fever or other symptoms.  Seek out medical treatment and notify your supervisor.

Health Guidelines for the MSC Campus Community

Personal Health Responsibility

The following outlines expectations of all MSC students and employees while on campus. This is not only to protect your health, but the health of our entire community. Your continued support of these guidelines is appreciated.

MSC Health Screening Form

Campus Visitors

All visitors to Murray State must wear masks when inside college buildings.  Many non-campus events will be postponed this semester, but some local weekly meetings will be allowed.  Please check with your group for information before coming to campus.  If you do have an event on campus, you must wear a mask.  Thank you for your help and participation!

Face Coverings

When inside college facilities, all individuals must wear fabric or disposable surgical-style masks to cover their noses and mouths.  Bandanas, buffs and scarves do not meet these requirements.  Masks must be worn by all passengers in college-provided transportation, such as passenger vans, buses and motor-pool vehicles.  The driver must wear a mask when passengers are inside the vehicle.  Individuals may remove masks only if they are in their own enclosed, private workspace with no others present or in their own dorm rooms.  Face coverings have been shown to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but are not a replacement for social distancing.  To show you care about your Aggie Family, do your part by wearing a mask and maintaining a six-foot distance from others.

Each student and all employees will be provided with one fabric MSC mask.  You are responsible for cleaning your mask.  It may be washed and reused at your discretion.  You may also purchase your own masks at the MSC Bookstore or from other locations.  The MSC Police Department may have disposable masks on hand in case of emergencies. 

Employees or students with health issues that may cause the inability to comply with this rule should contact the Director of Human Resources/Student Affairs.

MSC Face Covering Procedures

Positive COVID-19 Cases on Campus

Our response to a self-reported or health-department reported positive diagnosis on campus will require guidance from state and local health officials.

Quarantine, contact tracing, notification and facility disinfection procedures will be implemented.  If you or someone you know reports symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, please fill out the MSC Illness Reporting Form and contact Human Resources at 580-387-7131.

MSC Illness Reporting Form

Contact Tracing and Testing

Murray State is working closely with the state health department and local officials to monitor and make testing information available.  We will rely on information from health-department officials when making decisions and determining strategies to maintain a healthy campus.  Students, faculty and staff will be asked to self-report daily with regard to temperature status and potential symptoms.

Cleaning of College Facilities

MSC Maintenance provides touch-point cleaning and disinfecting on a daily basis throughout the campus.  Multiple cleanings may be performed in high-traffic areas.  Hand sanitizer and dispenser units have been installed throughout campus.  Maintenance employees will supply cleaning supplies as needed to all buildings.

Campus Communications

The MSC Communication Department will inform staff and students of safety protocols throughout the semester.  Updates will be published weekly in the Aggielite and text messages or emails may be sent through normal contact systems.  Communications will also share recommendations or concerns raised through the campus COVID-19 Task Force.

Academic Delivery of On-Campus Courses and Support


Faculty will work to provide in-person, lecture-style instruction in as many courses as possible.  Hy-flex options will be instituted.  Students will be required to wear masks and instructors will wear masks or face shields and remain socially-distanced from students.

Laboratory and clinical settings that are not appropriate for social distancing in regard to pedagogical or safety issues may require additional PPE including face shields, gloves, surgical masks or other as necessary for faculty and students.

Class Schedule

Murray will continue with regular hours of instruction.  Lecture classes will be flexible with instructors providing Zoom capabilities and other online solutions for students who cannot attend all in-person class meetings. 


We will use social distancing to reduce the capacity of regular classrooms for lecture classes.  Assigned seating may be required to allow for effective tracing if necessary.  Classrooms will be reconfigured to allow for social distancing and large meeting rooms may be scheduled to provide ample space for safe interactions.

Office Hours

Most essential offices will be staffed as usual, but may reduce hours or personnel as necessary.  Faculty may be allowed office hours, but will also engage in posted virtual office hours to accomplish social distancing.  Faculty and staff will be available to assist students as usual, if not always in person.

Finals Weeks

Tentatively, finals week will take place May 10-14 and consist of in-person exams with hybrid class instructors having the option to hold exams online. 

Library and Success Center

The MSC Library hours have returned to normal (8 a.m.- 8:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Friday, and 4:30- 8:30 p.m. Sunday), but may be reduced to allow extra time for cleaning if necessary.  Computers have been removed and work stations have been located at a six-foot distance from one another.  Please pay attention to social distancing rules and wear a mask at all times when inside the library.  Library and related student success services will be available online for students who wish to remain off campus.

Campus Life Facilities

Student Housing

Normal procedures for student housing may be adjusted to allow for the safety of all.  Common spaces may be reduced and/or rearranged.  Students can expect an increased frequency of cleaning.  Monitoring may be necessary if social distancing rules are not followed.

On Campus Dining

The cafeteria has been redesigned and the seating area has been reduced to allow for social distancing.  Additional areas for dining may be made available if necessary.  Large groups of students are discouraged from arriving together at the cafeteria so that others may have the opportunity for seated service.  Grab-and-Go meals are also available for takeout and refrigerated self-serve coolers are being installed.

The Grind
The Grind will be open for take-out only.  Tables and chairs may be removed from the facility to allow for social distancing.  Those waiting for orders should wear masks and remain at a distance of six feet from one another and employees.  Disinfection protocols will be increased in all common areas.

Student Union

In addition to campus protocols for social distancing and the wearing of face coverings, the Student Union will increase disinfection protocols for all high-touch areas. Restrooms will be sanitized every two hours.

Gym/Work Out Facilites

The workout facility is expected to remain open during the spring semester as staffing allows. The facility will be sanitized on an increased schedule and student-athletes will be asked to assist in keeping the facility safe for all.  Coaching staff may be contacted for additional information and team schedules.