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Current Students

Transcripts: Requesting Transcripts from MSC

Any current or former MSC student may request a transcript at any time. Transcripts will not be issued if there is indebtedness to the college or a Business Office hold is placed on the account. Murray State College has retained the National Student Clearinghouse to accept and process transcript orders. Please follow the National Student Clearinghouse link provided to access this service.

National Student Clearinghouse

Murray State College will expedite the processing of transcripts through the Clearinghouse. Requests made during peak processing times or when the college is closed will be processed as quickly as possible when the college re-opens. The dates when the college will be closed will be posted on the Clearinghouse site as they become available. 

There is a charge up to $10 per transcript and will depend on the method of delivery you choose. Delivery options available are electronic, fax, and mail & print. Please check with the receiving institution to ensure that they will accept your chosen method of delivery. If you wish them to reflect end of semester grades or degree confirmations, please request the transcript after it has been updated to include this information.

MSC students may obtain up to a maximum of 5 free transcripts. To obtain a free transcript, the student must request it in person at the Tishomingo campus only.

Transcripts: Transfering Credits to MSC

Students transferring to MSC who are in good standing are eligible for admission to Murray State College. Students who have been placed on probation or suspension at the previous college will be admitted on probation and must maintain a 2.0 retention GPA each semester while enrolled at MSC or raise their retention GPA to the required academic standard. Students who fail to reach the academic requirements will be placed on academic suspension.

Transfer students are required to submit the following documents to the MSC Registrar & Admissions Office:

  • Completed online MSC Admission Application (
  • ​Official transcripts (school and military) from all colleges previously attended. Transcripts from other institutions must be obtained directly from the institution where they were originally issued.
  • ​Documentation of vaccinations against Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR.)
  • ​ACT or SAT scores or the results of the Accuplacer test administered by the MSC Testing Center.


Transfer students requiring remediation must enroll in the appropriate transitional courses during the first 12 hours enrolled at Murray State College. Academic support services are available to assist transfer students in achieving academic success.

Evaluation of Transfer Credit Earned

All coursework previously completed at a regionally accredited institution of higher education will be accepted as transfer credit, although not all credit will necessarily apply toward program requirements. Refer to the degree plans in the MSC Catalog to determine what courses will apply to specific degrees. Courses must be deemed equivalent to count toward the general education core and program cores. Course equivalencies are tables of courses that are transferable among Oklahoma public colleges as well as some private institutions.

Courses with grades of “D” may not meet degree requirements and some of the specialized programs may require students repeat coursework that is too out of date.

Credit and grades for courses from institutions not using a traditional semester academic calendar will be converted to semester hour credits.

An analysis of transfer credit will be performed for students who are currently admitted and enrolled and have submitted official transcripts from all colleges previously attended. Transcripts must be obtained directly from the institution where they were originally issued. If the transcript is in a language other than English, the transcript must be translated into English.

In some cases, Murray State College will evaluate transcripts from unaccredited colleges or coursework from accredited colleges that is not on the course equivalency tables. Students must contact the Registrar & Admissions Office to begin the evaluation process which may take several weeks. It is the student’s responsibility to furnish additional information such as course descriptions, catalogs, or syllabi with which to evaluate transfer credit which will be reviewed on a course by course basis and may be accepted in transfer when appropriate to the student’s MSC degree program.

Students who transfer from Murray State College to another institution should contact the other institution prior to transferring and determine what credits that college will accept. Each institution has their own transfer policies and evaluate what credits they will accept in transfer for their degree programs.