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Leave of Absence Policy


Murray State College will grant a leave of absence, not to exceed five years, to a student who is a member of the active uniformed military services of the United States and is called to active duty. Students called to active duty must submit a copy of the orders to the Registrar & Admissions Office. The student shall be eligible to:

  1. Withdraw from any or all courses for the period of active duty service without penalty to admission status or GPA and without loss of institutional financial aid. If a student is called to active military service during a term in which the student has not completed an amount of work sufficient to receive a grade, Murray State College will refund the tuition and fees paid by the student for the current term.

  2. Receive an incomplete grade “I” for any or all courses for the period of active duty status provided that the student has completed a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of all coursework prior to being called to active duty. The student must complete all courses upon return from active duty. The student’s admission status and GPA shall not be penalized and the student shall not experience loss of institutional financial aid.


Students who are not called to active duty but have extenuating circumstances such as serious illness are not automatically granted a leave of absence. The student must document the circumstances with the Instructor and complete the Incomplete Grade Contract with each Instructor. The student must be passing the course at the time of the request and must have completed a minimum of 70% of the course. The student has up to one year to complete the coursework.