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Current Students

Your Murray State College Academic Advisement Team

Academic advising plays a key role in your understanding of the demands and expectations of Murray State College and higher education.

Executive Director of Recruitment and Advisement:

Paula Henley ( 580-319-0316 (Ardmore) or 580-387-7200 (Tishomingo)

Tishomingo Team:

Academic Advisor: Heather McLean ( 580-387-7202
Academic Advisor: Melissa McBride ( 580-387-7201
Testing Center Coordinator/ADA Intake Specialist and Compliance Officer: Charles Coulter ( 580-387-7304

Ardmore Team:

Enrollment Clerk/Testing Liaison: Traci Cummings ( 580-319-0328
Academic Advisor/Financial Aid Liaison: Rhonda Glenn ( 580-319-0329
Academic Advisor/Registrar Liaison: Melanie Whitehead ( 580-319-0331