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Current Students

Americans with Disabilities Act

Murray State College works to make programs and facilities available to all students. Students may request services by contacting the following intake person:

Tishomingo Campus
Charles Coulter, Testing Center Coordinator

Ardmore Campus
Paula Michael, Testing Center Coordinator

Requesting Accommodations and Services

  • Please make arrangements as early as possible to ensure timely assistance.

  • Keep in mind that on-campus housing requests 90 days notice to determine necessary housing arrangements.

  • Students will need to provide written documentation from a treating professional documenting the student's disability and requested accommodations.

  • Documentation needs to be current within two years of requesting accommodations.

  • Documentation will be submitted to either Charles Coulter (Tishomingo) or Paula Michael (Ardmore) and notification of accommodations will be sent to the student's instructors.

  • Students will need to touch base every semester and update accommodation requests for notifications to be sent out.

  • Accommodations must be supported by the documentation provided and must be deemed reasonable. Reasonable means that it meets the specific need of the student, does not present an undue financial burden to the College and does not alter a core component of a class or academic curriculum of the College.