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Three scholarships are offered for students who attend (either online or in person) Ardmore classes, with at least 6 credit hours. Scholarship amounts will range from $1,000 - $2,500, and will be offered both in the fall and spring.

Ada Mae Smith Scholarship (African American students only)

This scholarship was set up for funds to be awarded to eligible African American students from Carter County who are enrolled in classes at the Ardmore Higher Education Center (now Murray State College, Ardmore.) Mrs. Smith highly valued education and wanted to assist African American students attain a higher education.

Bill Darnell Scholarship

As founding director of the Ardmore Higher Education Center (now Murray State College, Ardmrore,) Mr. Darnell had a vision for providing higher education opportunities for citizens of southern Oklahoma. This scholarship articulates and reinforces that vision in a tangible way by offering financial support for individuals who choose to remain in the area while pursuing their higher education.

Henry Bridge Scholarship

Maurice Bridge, Henry Bridge's son, lived in Ardmore most of his life. He was an officer in the US Navy during WWII, an investment dealer and the forner owner of Bridge's Jewelers. Maurice asked that the income of his estate be utilized to provide financial assistance for underpriviledged but ambitious young people of southern Oklahoma seeking post high school vocational or higher education who are unable to do so without financial aid.