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Gifts That Provide for You Too

Did you know that it is possible to make a gift for the eventual benefit of one or more charitable interests while first retaining income for you, your spouse, and/or other loved ones? In fact, there are a number of ways to give that feature income for life or other period of time.

Through the use of these gift plans it can be possible to make gifts you may have never thought possible as a result of income, gift, and estate tax savings, tax-free asset growth, professional asset management, and other financial and estate planning benefits.

In challenging economic times, you may also find that making significant gifts need not mean sacrificing your own or your loved ones' financial security. In fact, Congress has provided a number of tax and other financial incentives so that giving in this way can result in meeting a number of goals including:

  • Increased spendable income from low-yielding stocks, bonds, or other assets.

  • A welcomed source of income to help cover expenses in pre-retirement years.

  • Supplemental retirement income that is permanently set apart from other assets.

  • Income for yourself, a spouse, or other loved ones in the future if needed.

  • Assistance for parents or other loved ones in their later years.

  • Providing funds to cover education or other expenses for children or grandchildren.

Exploring the Options

For more information, you may wish to explore one or more of the following options:

Charitable Gift Annuities that feature generous fixed payments for life.

Charitable Remainder Trusts that feature a choice of fixed income or income that can fluctuate with investment returns. 

Pooled Income Fund gifts that allow you to make gifts that are invested with those of others and pay whatever amount is earned on your share of the fund.

Gift of a Remainder Interest in a home that features tax and other benefits, while allowing you to enjoy the use of the property for the remainder of your lifetime and/or that of your spouse or other loved one.