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Alumni and Foundation

Murray State College Foundation

Murray State College is you.

Murray State College is all of us.

Whether you are a current student, former student, parent of a past or present MSC student, faculty or staff member, community or corporate partner or just an admirer: When you give to MSCF you give to all of us.

With each gift, we advance our collective MSC experience. We increase the value of a Murray State College degree. We meet global challenges that impact all of us. We hire world-class scholars who become our teachers, our colleagues, our children’s mentors. We lead communities out of despair toward hope. Our gifts make Murray State College an inspiring and productive place to live, work and play.

Investing in our students...It starts with US!

Former MSC Student, Lieutenant Governor of the Chickasaw Nation, Jefferson Keel

Each year, contributions from alumni, parents, and staff are leveraged to make a huge impact on Murray State College.  As the institutions largest source of unrestricted support, the Murray State College Foundation helps to support programs and services that are critical to the institution, such as providing scholarships, upgrading facilities, and developing our faculty. Because gifts to the Murray State College Foundation are immediately expendable, they are put to use each year to help meet the institutions most urgent needs. Very few resources play as vital a role at MSC as the Murray State College Foundation.

The Murray State College Foundation is a private non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to stewarding donors, data, and dollars in support of Murray State College.