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MSC Speakers Bureau

Murray State College is pleased to offer a speakers bureau as a way to provide local nonprofit groups, civic organizations, schools and churches with interesting speakers and top-quality programs. The MSC Speakers Bureau is a public service provided at no charge.

Speakers are employees or retirees of Murray State College and come from departments and disciplines across the college. Speakers are available to discuss a wide variety of topics. Additional topics and/or speakers may also be requested on an individual basis.

To request a speaker for your organization, please contact Communication Director Cheryl Phelps at 580-387-7123 or At least two weeks’ notice is preferred, but all requests will be considered.

Departmental/Professional Expertise - Speakers also can discuss specialty areas related to their departments and professional expertise.

Speakers and Topics

Ronnie Coppedge, Director of Media Center Operations

  • History of the Freemasons: Interesting information on this fascinating group from the Middle Ages to the American Revolution

Rebecca Davis, English

  • J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion
  • C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia
  • George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Fantasy Literature
  • Fairy Tales and Folklore
  • FanFiction and Creative Writing as a Textual Reponse

Dr. Aaron Elmer, Executive Director for Financial Aid

  • Federal Financial Aid and FAFSA Workshops

Don Loving, Science

  • Oklahoma’s Environmental Riches: Why Oklahoma’s Wildlife Diversity is among the Richest of the states and is Known among Ecologists Worldwide.

  • We Dance When Sun Is in the Bear's Cave: Listen to some of the sky-watching tales of the Lakota Sioux and learn how those stories affected their daily lives.

Amy McCain, Education and Behavioral Sciences

  • Leadership, child development and children's issues, stress management, positive guidance and other topics on request.

Dr. Wendy Morton,

IRB Chair for Oklahoma Department of Human Services

  • Leadership - specifically how public sector leaders can motivate, inspire, and engage employees
  • Employee Engagement, Motivation, and Satisfaction
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Qualitative Research/IRB Process
  • Public Administration
  • The Cliff Effect and Social Safety Net Programs
  • Ethics

Dr. Rebecca Jacobs-Pollez, History

  • Medieval Women and Education: Have we come a long way, baby? Medieval European History: Fun and educational tidbits about an often misunderstood period.

  • The Renaissance: Interesting info on this period - but how enlightened were they?

  • Ancient Roman History: A fascinating glimpse into the past time of Roman glory…and infamy.

  • NASA Astronaut Training and Procedures: Behind the scenes look at what it takes to have “the right stuff,” from a NASA insider.

  • Aspects of American History: Just how well do we know our own past, really?

Wesley Reddish, Science

Astronomy and other topics including:

  • A True Future Energy - A look at the reality of nuclear power, and dispelling the false fears associated with nuclear power.
  • A Modern Faith - Finding a path that honors the Christian faith and acknowledges the scientific realities of the modern world.
  • Leaving the Cradle - Stepping beyond Earth to become a space-faring society.

Dr. Kirk Rodden, Social Science

  • General Oklahoma History: Everything you wanted to know about the Sooner State, but were afraid to ask!

  • Governor William H. Murray - ”The Sage of Tishomingo”: Learn about this fascinating and colorful Oklahoma character who helped shape the Sooner State.

  • The KKK in 1920s Oklahoma: Yes, at one point, the KKK was an important influence in Oklahoma.

  • The New Deal, Great Depression, and the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma: Three events that would forever change the course of Oklahoma’s history.

  • History of Murray State : How this 100-plus-year-old college has changed Southern Oklahoma since beginning as an agricultural high school.