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Murray State College is structuring Aggie Alumni Committees!

The success of each Alumni Reunion is due to the class leaders who serve their class in one of the following ways:

  • Programming Committee: Committee members brainstorm and plan celebratory reunion events in partnership with Alumni relations staff, with the goal of designing a rich and engaging weekend where Alumni can connect, reflect and learn, while having fun. Programs can be social receptions in unique locations across the Tishomingo, OK area, cultural outings with faculty guides or celebratory gatherings on campus that remind Alumni of their College experience. Committee members help to identify hosts, speakers and venues that will create an exciting and unique weekend for the class.

  • Outreach Committee: This committee also gets creative about how to increase attendance through marketing, personal outreach, social media and other channels. They may identify class leads who have influence and strong connections to act as ambassadors, review emails and communications from the Alumni Office to ensure that tone and messaging is effective or even create a class Facebook page to build the momentum leading up to Reunion with old photos, great memories and more.

  • Hosting Events or Receptions: Many Alumni give back by offering to host pre-reunion receptions at their home or office as a lead-in to reunion weekend or host actual events during the weekend, bringing their classmates together in a more hospitable environment. Pre-reunion hosted events can take place anywhere around the country.

What is the time commitment?

You can have a great impact on the reunion without a large time commitment. Volunteering typically requires about one hour per month. Conference calls will be schedules every six to eight weeks. As we get closer to Reunion Weekend, volunteers may be serving about two hours per month and conference calls will be scheduled every four weeks.

Contact: Jordyn Frazier, 580-387-7142