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Zoom Room Tutoring Links- \ These schedules and links are still being developed for the Spring 2021 Semester. 

Please review the schedule and check that the tutor you are looking for is available at this time before entering their Zoom room. Click on a hyperlinked name (in blue) below to be taken to a Zoom room. If this is your first time using Zoom, you will be asked to download and run the installation file. It is safe and free to download. If a name is not hyperlinked, that tutor may work in the library or need to be contacted to make an appoinment.​

Tutor schedules are subject to change at any time, so please check the schedule frequently.

If a tutor is not available at the time you need, consider using Thinkingstorm, which can be accessed via Blackboard. This is a free service that will connect students to an online tutor. To learn how to find Thinkingstorm on Blackboard, click here for directions. 

Math Tutors

Sharon Boyd 

Rita Dunn

Tom Adwar

Noe Guerrero III: Password for all meetings: MURRAY. Tuesday and Thursday Zoom link,    Friday Zoom link  Sunday Zoom link.

Science Tutors

Dr. Acosta: Monday - Friday, 3:00PM - 5:00PM. To make an appointment with Dr. Acosta, call or text 580.504.7963.

Ronnie Miller:  View Mr. Miller's schedule at the link above, or email him at to make an appointment.

Writing Tutors

Rebecca Davis

Sharon Burris: To schedule an appointment with Mrs. Burris, email her at

History Tutors

Caroline Pattison Needs some help with History? Zoom with Caroline! Please download the schedule at the top of the page for her tutoring hours.

Nursing Study Tutors

Staci Barker: To schedule an appoinment with Staci, please email her at

Online Platform Tutor- Struggling with navigating Word, Blackboard, or Email? Zoom with Paxton or Hubert!

Paxton Hutchings: Please download the schedule at the top of this page for Paxton's hours. 

Hubert Kopany: Meeting ID: 2604942714. Please download the schedule at the top of this page for Hubert's hours.