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In 1978 Murray State College began Oklahoma’s first Veterinary Nursing Program.

The Veterinary Nursing Program emphasizes “hands-on” training with multiple species and offers 3 options for the curriculum.

  1. Pre-Veterinary Nursing option gives students the opportunity to take required general education courses prior to beginning the core veterinary nursing curriculum. The Pre-Veterinary Nursing option consists of 13 to 15 credit hours per semester.

  2. Veterinary Assistant Certificate program offers students the ability to take a one year course and obtain a veterinary assistant certificate from Murray State College, upon passing both VA1114 and VA1214. The veterinary assistant program will assist in preparing the student to enter into the veterinary nursing program however, they must go through the veterinary nursing application process.

  3. Students who meet the requirements and elect to take general education courses concurrently with the Veterinary Nursing core curriculum (2 year option) will be required to take 16-19 credit hours per semester.

All options are designed to provide basic principles, knowledge and skill development pertaining to care and handling of normal and abnormal animals.

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