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History is the study of the written human past and helps in understanding how individuals and societies behave. The study of history encourages students to acquire critical skills such as the ability to reason, analyze, investigate problems, and synthesize diverse information and express ideas or data clearly and precisely. Students receive a broad introduction to the history of the great civilizations of the world and specific areas of historical inquiry. A bachelor’s or graduate level degree is necessary for most history - related careers. The curriculum listed is designed for transfer to four - year institutions.

Teacher Education Emphasis ECU
Teacher Education Emphasis SEOSU


Behavioral Science - Psychology Option:

The Behavioral Science Psychology Option is designed for transfer to a four - year institution. Professions open to a psychology majors include teaching, testing, social work, psychological services, counseling, personnel work, and with additional education, clinical psychology, college teaching, sports psychology, medical social work, treatment therapist, and many others.

Behavioral Science - Sociology Option:

The Behavioral Science-Sociology Option is designed for transfer to four - year institutions. Professions open to a sociology majors include: teaching; testing; social work; statistical research; personnel work; law enforcement; penology, city, state and federal governmental agencies; census bureau; and, with additional graduate work, college teaching, sociological research, and supervisory positions in private and governmental agencies.

Criminal Justice:

Professions open to a criminal justice major include law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, juvenile offender programs, private security, federal and state government agencies, and with additional training, the legal profession. The criminal justice curriculum is designed for transfer to a four - year institution although many of the individual courses can be used to meet continuing education requirements in law enforcement and related fields.

Faculty Members

Kirk Rodden
Professor and Department Chair, 580-220-2860, UCSO

Derek Dodson
Instructor, Behavioral Science, 580-387-7513

Rebecca Jacobs-Pollez
Associate Professor, History, 580-387-7512
Hall Classroom Building, 105B

Adjunct Faculty Members



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