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Science Department


The Murray State College Science Department is dedicated to fostering scientific curiosity in our students. Science is ultimately the art of asking questions. Our goal is to provide students, especially in the area of allied health, with career-related skills and mentoring that will help them be successful after graduation. A number of our faculty members are actively involved in K-12 science outreach, First Lego League robotics, Science Olympiad, and Summer STEM Academy. We believe that students should have fun during their academic journey, so check out our student organization called NICHE. Faculty within the Science Department also help students explore the world beyond our state and national borders through our Rainforest Ecology and Global Education Studies courses.

Our list of degree programs currently includes:

  • Chemistry

  • Conservation and Wildlife Management

  • Pre-professional degree options include:

    • Pre-dentistry

    • Pre-medicine

    • Pre-optometry

    • Pre-pharmacy

    • Pre-veterinary Medicine

Click Here for Science Department Faculty and Staff Bios