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Mission, Goals, and Philosophy

MSC Mission Statement

Murray State College provides opportunities for student learning, personal growth, professional success, and community enhancement.

MSC Educational Goals

  1. Effective Communication-MSC provides students with the educational opportunities necessary to develop effective communication skills essential for daily interaction in society and the workplace.

  2. Responsible Citizenship -MSC provides an educational environment in which students demonstrate an awareness of social and civic responsibilities.

  3. Global Awareness -MSC provides students with educational opportunities to learn about cultural diversity and global awareness through curricular and extracurricular activities including lectures, music, literature, film, and art.

  4. Critical Thinking -MSC provides educational opportunities in which students demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills necessary for personal and professional success.

  5. Quantitative Reasoning -MSC provides educational opportunities for students to collect and use quantitative data, create and examine quantitative models, apply mathematical skills and solve scientific problems.

  6. Information & Technology Literacy -MSC provides students with educational opportunities necessary to demonstrate and apply information literacy skills and utilize technological resources necessary for personal and professional success.

  7. Health and Wellness-MSC provides students with educational opportunities which will encourage self-management skills, foster a healthy lifestyle, and provide personal enrichment

Nursing Program Mission Statement

To provide exemplary nursing education to a diverse student population for the development of tomorrow's nurse leaders who focus on the unique needs of patients, families, and communities. 

Nursing Program Philosophy

  1. Human Beings: Human beings are the “synergy of unique and complex attributes, values, and behaviors, influenced by that individual’s environment, social norms, cultural values, physical characteristics, experiences, religious beliefs and practices, and moral and ethical constructs”. (NLN 2010)

  2. Environment: Human beings exist in, and are affected by, complex and constantly changing environments composed of internal and external factors. Environmental factors influence self-care needs and abilities. The environment both impacts and is impacted by human beings.

  3. Health: Health is a dynamic state of bio-psycho-social well-being that fluctuates on a wellness-illness continuum. Health is influenced, and defined by, individual perceptions, values, and preferences and is impacted by the ability to adapt to changes in order to meet perceived needs.

  4. Nurses and Nursing: “Nursing is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations” (ANA). Nurses, and the nursing profession, seek to promote human flourishing through development and application of nursing judgment. Nurses should possess a perpetual spirit of inquiry used to “raise questions, challenge traditional and existing practices, and seek creative approaches to problems” to the benefit of themselves, patients, families, and communities. Nursing requires a commitment to lifelong learning and the development, and continued enhancement, of professional identity.

  5. Education and Teaching: The nursing faculty believes exemplary nursing education is founded in evidence based teaching methods and learning occurs when students are actively engaged in the teaching/learning process. Education and teaching is a partnership between faculty and students, with each possessing unique and diverse experiences, backgrounds, and learning styles. Students are empowered to recognize and utilize their preferred learning style(s) to achieve personal, course, and program outcomes.  Education that is a shared collaborative experience maximizes the potential for human flourishing.