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The Language Arts Division offers transitional courses in reading and writing and required general education courses in composition and humanities. The English major includes three types of courses: writing, literature, and cognate courses. Writing courses include English composition and creative writing. Literature courses consist of Introduction to Literature and two survey courses in both American Literature and British Literature and Introduction to Folklore. Cognate courses include additional literature courses as well as history, humanities, speech, and theater. An Associate of Arts Degree in English from Murray State is excellent preparation for a variety of degree fields including teaching, law and medicine.

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Language Arts Faculty

Jeana West
Language Arts and Transitional English Program Chair/Professor

(580) 387-7464

Education: Southeastern Oklahoma State University (B.A., M.A.)


Jeana West serves as Murray State College’s Language Arts and Transitional Reading & Writing Division Chair. She teaches multiple courses including English Composition (1113 & 1212) and Introduction to Literature.

A first generation college student, West graduated from Milburn High School, attended Murray State College for two years, and then transferred to Southwestern Oklahoma State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with minors in psychology and sociology and a Master of Arts degree in English Education.

The language arts faculty strive to help students become competent, confident communicators in whatever goals and careers they pursue. Curriculum is designed to develop effective written communication skills allowing students to achieve success in their college experience and future career

West and her husband have two grown children and live outside Milburn with an eclectic collection of livestock including cows, horses, donkeys, mini goats, 2 potbellied pigs, and a llama as well as a whole houseful of cats and dogs. Her hobbies include playing word games and reading. Recently, West has also been co-sponsoring international studies trips.

Charlotte Estep
Language Arts Instructor

(580) 387-7514

Education: Murray State College (A.A.), Southeastern Oklahoma State University (B.A., M.Ed.)\


Charlotte Estep has served as an Instructor/Adjunct Instructor in the Language Arts Department at Murray State College for over 30 years.

Estep earned an Associate Degree in Language Arts degree from Murray State College and Bachelors of Arts Degree in English Education and a Master of Education Degree in Secondary English Education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. In addition to teaching at MSC, Estep also worked at Madill High School for 16 years. She loves teaching writing courses and her hobbies include recycling jewelry, painting, quilting, writing, reading, listening to books, and enjoying her huge family.

Aaron Beshears
Language Arts Instructor

(580) 387-7463

Education: Southeastern Oklahoma State University (B.A.), Mercy College (M.A.)


Aaron Beshears is an English Instructor in Murray State College’s English and Language Arts Department. Beshears teaches courses in English Composition I & II, English Literature through the 18th Century, and 19th Century English Literature.

Beshears earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English education from Southeastern Oklahoma State University and a Master of Arts degree in English literature from Mercy College. He is currently working on a Doctor of Education degree from Capella University.

Beshears is married to his lovely wife, Ashley. They have two beautiful sons, Kraton and Kyzen. In his free time, he enjoys writing, Oklahoma City Thunder basketball, and watching the UFC. Future career interests include being a full-time novelist, comedian, or archaeologist..

Rebecca Davis
Language Arts Instructor

(580) 387-7467

Education: Wayland Baptist University (B.A.), Univeristy of Glasgow (M.Litt)


I am an instructor at the Tishomingo campus and faculty advisor for MSC's chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I completed by B.A. in Secondary Literature and Language Arts Education at Wayland Baptist University in 2014 and my Master's in Comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow in 2016. My graduate thesis examined the subversions of character archetypes in modern retellings of fairy tales. Research wise, my interests are mainly in fantasy literature and folklore, especially the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm hoping to do my PhD on his work at some point. I currently teach Composition I and II classes, as well as the Intro to Folklore class at Murray. Fair warning: the puns are many and I cannot control it.

I live here in Tish with my wonderful dog Lola and species-confused cat Frodo, who Lola has claimed as hers. When I'm not checking out local sights and treasures, I'm either reading, knitting, or working on a book, all while drinking large quantities of tea or coffee

Ashely Fly
Language Arts Instructor

Education: Oklahoma Christian University (B.A.), East Central University (M.E.)

Kristy Weiberg
Language Arts Instructor

(580) 387-7467

Education: Sam Houston State Univeristy (B.A.), Oklahoma State University (M.Ed)