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Gunsmithing Technology - Program Description

Murray State College’s Gunsmithing program mission is to prepare a diverse Gunsmithing student population for a successful and productive career in the field of Gunsmithing.

Gunsmithing is a very popular program nationwide and abroad. The Gunsmithing Program teaches all aspects of building and repairing firearms. Each student will build three firearms while attending the two-year program and students get to keep what they build.

Murray State College Gunsmithing students will have the opportunity to gain special skills and professionalism that will provide them with numerous fields of gunsmithing. Successful gunsmiths will be able to practice in many different areas from basic repair to specialty custom work.
Students will have the opportunity to attend various gun shows such as Vegas Shot Show, NRA Convention and the American Custom Gunmaker’s Guild Show in Dallas, Texas just to name a few.

The Gunsmithing students will also go on field trips to Shilen Barrel Company in Ennis, Texas as freshman and sophomores will have the opportunity to attend a Brownells Annual Gunsmith Conference and Career Fair in Des Moines, Iowa that brings together students, professional gunsmiths, manufacturers, and industry leaders to visit, exchange ideas and hire gunsmiths.

Areas of Study

  • Stockmaking & Stock Repair

  • Rebarreling

  • Metal Re-finishing (various finishes)

  • Repair of Firearms

  • Specialty Classes

  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

  • AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design)

  • Machine Shop (Lathe and Mill)

  • Reloading & Ballistics

  • Tig Welding

  • Accurizing

  • Pistolsmithing & Repair

  • Riflesmithing & Repair

Employment Opportunities

  • General Gunsmith

  • Gun Shop Owner/Operator

  • Firearms Sales

  • Custom Gunsmith

  • Government/Law Enforcement Armorer

  • Department of Energy

  • Military Armorer

  • Machinist

  • Factory Service Representative

  • Cryogenic Operator

  • Gun Range Operator


Please Contact the Gunsmithing Office for Application Package

By Phone: 580-387-7480
Sandi Hopson

Chad Mercer