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Gunsmithing Technology

Murray State College’s gunsmithing program was started in 1979 and provides training in custom gunsmithing and gun repair. The first Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) in Gunsmithing will be offered in the fall of 2024!! Students develop the basic knowledge and skills needed to become professional gunsmiths. The two-year and four-year program teaches all aspects of building and repairing firearms. 

Students visit several different firearm manufacturers and various gun shows during their time at MSC. They also have the opportunity to receive on-campus training from firearm manufacturers to obtain additional certifications. Historically, MSC gunsmithing advisors and instructors receive up to three job requests for each student who graduates from the program. All graduates can be placed in employment if open to relocating.

Gunsmithing is a very popular program. A maximum of 30 students are chosen to enter the AAS program each year and a maximum of 20 students for the BAT program. Applications should be sent early specifying the year of entry and what degree is being chosen (will say at the top of the application). All classes start in the Fall (August start) with students being chosen by the gunsmithing department committee in April/May, June if necessary. Acceptance is not automatic; each student is chosen on their own merit.

Gunsmithing classes are hands-on and in-person. No online gunsmithing classes are offered at this time. Gunsmithing classes are held basically 8am-5pm Monday-Thursday every week. There are not gunsmithing classes on Friday. There are general education classes that are needed to fulfill both the AAS degree and the BAT degree, along with the gunsmithing classes. Most of the general education classes can be taken online or transferred from another accredited institution. The entire AAS degree in Gunsmithing Technology is two, full years (4 semesters). The BAT degree is four, full years (8 semesters). Even if the classes transfer from another institution, it is still 4 - 8 full semesters to finish the GS program, because you must take and pass classes in the fall to continue with classes in the spring. If you have taken gunsmithing classes elsewhere, some may transfer and some may not. The general education classes are similar for both degrees; however, there are eight additional general education classes (26 credit hours) for the BAT degree. Please reference the degree sheets for the general education classes that are needed. 

You are welcome to schedule a campus tour by contacting the MSC Outreach office at 580-387-7190 or If you wish to tour only gunsmithing, please call the office at 580-387-7480. 

Please click the PDF links below to view the current degree sheets for AAS and BAT:



This PDF link is a list of possible options for Science, Humanities, Liberal Arts, Arts & Sciences, and Computer Proficiency that are required for the Bachelor degree: 


Sections are highlighted in yellow. This page came from the 2023-2024 Catalog that is listed on the MSC website that you can access. You will see several course prefix options under each of these sections. (EXAMPLE: Liberal Arts - Includes courses with the prefixes of ART, GEO, GVT, MU, PSY, SOC and so on). This means that any courses with those prefixes will work for the Liberal Arts portion. You will need to search the catalog for those specific course prefixes to see what all classes are offered with those prefixes. You will also notice a lot of overlap between Liberal Arts and Arts & Sciences. For instance, you can take Psychology to satisfy the Liberal Arts portion and you can take Sociology to satisfy the Arts & Science portion. OR VICE VERSA. Either way, both Liberal Arts and Arts & Science will be satisfied! 

Application Requirements:

  • MSC Online Application

  • (information & application packet that contains: both AAS and BAT application (each application is labeled), estimated costs for AAS, degree sheets for both AAS and BAT, tool list (please note this may be added on to for the BAT), background check instructions, and more!) 

  • 18 years of age or older with a high school diploma or GED; 18 by the start of classes in late Aug, so if applicant turns 18 in July or early Aug, they can still apply!

  • 2 page MAXIMUM cover letter/short biography and work history from the past 3-5 years (See candidate checklist in packet for more instructions and turn in to GS Department) 

  • Authority Release Form for background check that must be notarized. (turn in to GS Department)

  • ACT/SAT/Placement Scores, Official Transcripts from all Colleges and High Schools and Immunization Records (please send these to MSC's Registrar's office first, then request a copy be sent to GS Department)

    • ACT/SAT is not required, however a placement test must be taken if no ACT/SAT scores. If the composite ACT score is below 19, a placement test must be taken as well. Placement tests may be taken here at MSC or another designated location such as a local college. For more information regarding this, please call 580-387-7304 or visit:
  • Copy of DD-214 (Veterans only, must be discharged from active duty by start of fall semester and turn in to GS Department)

  • Attend in person Interview (applicant will be notified with interview date after all paperwork is turned in)

  • Background check (please do not complete this until notification to do so; instructions are in packet)

  • Research Assignment - BAT ONLY (See "BAT Gunsmithing Candidate Checklist" in packet) 

Applications are accepted year round; however, a maximum of 30 students are accepted for the AAS freshman class and 20 for the BAT class beginning in the fall of each year (August start). We will begin interviews for the AAS 2024 school year in November 2023! The students will be made aware of acceptance or rejection by April/May (June if necessary) of 2024. Acceptance is not automatic, each student is chosen on their own merit. 

Applications received after May 30, 2024 will be considered for the following school year. 

International Applicants: please call the office for more information.

Gunsmithing Program application must be completed and returned to the Gunsmithing office and the online application to MSC must be completed before an interview can be scheduled.

Gunsmithing Office Information:

Office Hours – 8:00am-12pm, 1:00pm-5:00pm CT Monday-Thursday 
Phone Number: 580-387-7480


or for those in MSC network ( email),

Mailing Address: 

Murray State College
ATTN: Gunsmithing Dept. 
One Murray Campus
Tishomingo, OK 73460

Firing Range:

We do have a gun/firing range on campus. It is not just for students; anyone is welcome and encouraged to come check it out! 

Eye and ear protection as well as targets can be purchased on site

For more information about the range or range hours, please contact 580-387-7320.

More Information:

Social Media: 

Murray State College Gunsmithing Facebook Page