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Education and Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science - Psychology Option

The Behavioral Science Psychology Option is designed for transfer to a four - year institution. Professions open to a psychology majors include teaching, testing, social work, psychological services, counseling, personnel work, and with additional education, clinical psychology, college teaching, sports psychology, medical social work, treatment therapist, and many others.

Behavioral Science - Sociology Option

The Behavioral Science-Sociology Option is designed for transfer to four - year institutions. Professions open to a sociology majors include: teaching; testing; social work; statistical research; personnel work; law enforcement; penology, city, state and federal governmental agencies; census bureau; and, with additional graduate work, college teaching, sociological research, and supervisory positions in private and governmental agencies.

Child Development (AA or AAS)

The Associate in Arts degree  in Child Development prepares students to work as teachers in early childhood programs and to transfer to a four-year institution. This program includes degree requirements and courses generally completed in the first two years of a baccalaureate degree curriculum.

The Associate in Applied Science degree program in Child Development prepares students for careers in child development services and provides those already employed in childcare with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and update their skills. The demand for graduates of this program continues to increase as the need for quality childcare becomes one of the most important concerns of our nation. Working with children to enrich their lives can be a very personally satisfying occupation. Students should enroll in courses in consultation with their academic advisor.

Elementary Education (AS)

Elementary education students should choose electives in consultation with their academic advisor and based on the catalog of the college or university to which they plan to transfer. ECU or SOSU transfer students should enroll with an advisor to follow 2 + 2 Agreements specific to their transferring university.