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Concurrent Enrollment Eligibility Criteria

High School Juniors and Seniors:


  1. Have participated in the National American College Testing (ACT) program, residual or Pre-ACT and scored a minimum composite of 19 or the equivalent on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or have a high school GPA of 3.0.

  2. If your ACT composite is not a 19 or higher you must have at least a 3.0 high school GPA and a sub-score of at least 19 in the appropriate subject area. For example:

    • 19 in the English ACT subscore to enroll in English courses;

    • 19 in the Math ACT subscore to enroll in math courses;

    • 19 in the Science ACT subscore to enroll in science courses; and

    • 19 in the Reading subscore area to enroll in other college courses

    • NOTE: If the student is admissible (meets criteria in number 1) and does not have the subscores on the ACT, the concurrent student may take the Accuplacer test at MSC for the purposes of course placement only. Students may obtain information about taking the Accuplacer test through the MSC Testing Center at 580-387-7304 for the Tishomingo campus and 580-319-0371 on the Ardmore campus.

  3. Be eligible to satisfy requirements for graduation from high school (including curricular requirements for college admission) no later than the spring of the senior year, as stated by the high school principal.

  4. Have a workload of no more than the equivalent of 19 credit hours in a regular semester (1/2 high school unit equals 3 college semester credit hours) or 6 courses. For example, if the student is enrolled in 4 high school classes, this is equivalent to 12 college hours and the student is limited to 7 college hours which is usually 2 classes. Non-academic high school units are excluded from the workload calculation. Excess hours must be approved by MSC using the Overload Petition Form.

  5. Have the signed permission of the parent/legal guardian, signed recommendation of the high school counselor, and the signed permission of the high school principal.