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If a student is not able to attend one of the MSC Testing Centers, students will need to set up an account with ProctorU. A student can find a link to access the MSC ProctorU website in their blackboard course under the “Testing Center” button. The student will find the information needed about required technology (web cameras, microphone, high-speed internet). If you have any questions, please contact one of the MSC Testing Centers.

Student should set up an account at to schedule an exam.  You should keep in mind the closing time indicated by your instructor  when scheduling an exam.  For instance, if the exam closes at midnight and it is a two hour exam, the last appointment time available will be 10:00pm.  No appointment times will be available after this cut off time as you are allotted the full time indicated by the instructor.  

Please reference the below handouts if you will be using ProctorU instead of the MSC Testing Centers for web based courses.

Student Privacy Pledge (PDF)

LiveChat one pager (PDF)

Technical Requirements (PDF)

Test Taker Handout (PDF)

STUDENT - Prep Guide (PDF)