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Mid-Level Assessment

Murray State College uses the ETS Proficiency Profile for Mid-level Assessment.

Graduates who have taken all of their general education courses at MSC are tested at end of their Sophomore year.

Results from ETSĀ® Proficiency Profile

Summary of Proficiency Classifications
To show how many students are proficient at each level

Murray State College
Cohort Name: Combined 2014-2017
Close Date: Combined
Student Level: All
Abbreviated Form
Test Description: Combined
Number of students tested: 251
Number of students included in these statistics: 246

Proficiency rates 2014-2017 MSC students
Skill Dimension Proficiency Classification
Proficient Marginal Not Proficient
Reading, Level 1 54% 20% 25%
Reading, Level 2 29% 16% 55%
Critical Thinking 2% 17% 81%
Writing, Level 1 52% 34% 14%
Writing, Level 2 13% 30% 57%
Writing, Level 3 5% 16% 79%
Mathematics, Level 1 32% 35% 33%
Mathematics, Level 2 14% 19% 67%
Mathematics, Level 3 2% 7% 91%

Table showing proficiency rates as a bar graph

The skills measured by the ETSĀ® Proficiency Profile test are grouped into proficiency levels - three proficiency levels for writing, three for mathematics, and three for the combined set of skills involved in reading and critical thinking. The table and graph show the number and percentage of students who are proficient, marginal, and not proficient at each proficiency level in reading and critical thinking, writing, and mathematics. A student classified as marginal is one whose test results do not provide enough evidence to classify the student either as proficient or as not proficient.

More ETS Summary Data with Year by Year Scores

Murray State College ETS 15-17.pdf