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To find out how a screen reader would interpret your course content, type a URL into one of the online accessibility tools listed here: and here:

Need Technology Assistance?

For the subject/title, please identify the exact problem; in the description area, include as much detail as possible to help us resolve your issue as quickly as possible. Please include your name and an email address and/or phone number where we can reach you.
 You can also check the status of previous requests as well as log new ones or look at solutions to previous requests.

Or Call Distance Learning
at (580) 387-7113;
or the Information Technology Department at (580) 387-7160

Employee Computer Accounts

To receive a MSC computer account you first must read and agree to the MSC Acceptable Usage Policy.

Print out and sign this sheet and deliver it to the I.T. Department.

Each employee has access to their departmental folder on Common and their Home Directory.

Common is located under My Computer, Common on Enterprise or M:\.

Home Directories are located under My Computer, username on Enterprise or N:\.

MSC recommends that ALL files of importance are stored in/on one of these two networked directories.

Both Common and Home Directories are backed up nightly with four weeks of archives stored in a safety deposit box.

Please Note: The remote access software (VPN program) has been discontinued while we work towards a more secure method.

MSC Online Course Development and Review Checklists.docx

Entering Grades in Campus Connect.docx

Blackboard - Working with Course Content

Blackboard - Creating Accessible Course Content

Blackboard - Working with Course Modules

Blackboard - Creating Assignments

Blackboard - Using the Grade Center

BB - Change the Page Banner.docx

BB - Manage Your Course List.docx

BB-Creating a Total Column.docx


Blackboard - Export or Import a Course

Blackboard - Copy a Course, or Copy Items Between Courses

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