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The Registrar's Office can provide the information you need to begin your career at Murray State College. We can answer your questions regarding admissions and enrollment, and you can get information on veteran certification. The Registrar's Office is an information hub and will maintain your academic records. This is your first step in starting your college career. For more information, contact us at 580-387-7230. Our catalog can be found online in the Academics section.

Before you get started, please watch the Applying to Murray State College instructional video. Click Here!

Online Admission Application

Please complete the online application above and it will be submitted automatically to our office upon payment of the $10 admission application fee. This fee must be paid prior to acceptance to the college.  It may take two to three business days before the online application is processed and students can be admitted and enrolled.  Longer delays may occur for students convicted of felonies as additional processing steps are required.  Contact Registrar & Admissions Office for more information.   Processing times during peak enrollment may vary beyond the normal 24 to 48 hour time period.

International Students

Miscellaneous Forms

Academic Forgiveness

Address or Name Change

Application for Graduation

Change of Major

Change of Registration (Add/Drop)

Complete Withdrawal

Concurrent High School Student Packet

Concurrent Overload Petition Form

Immunization Waiver

Reverse Transfer Application

Request for Replacement Diploma

Student Release to Third Party
Oklahoma Residency Information 

Contact Information:

For Registration, Admissions, & Veterans information, contact:

Registrar & Admissions Office, Student Services Building, Suite 109
One Murray Campus
Tishomingo, OK 73460
Phone:  580-387-7230
Fax No. 580-387-7239
Retention Email:

Office Location:  Student Services Building, Suite 109
Office Hours (August through May):  Monday through Friday; 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Summer Office Hours (June and July):  Monday through Thursday; 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Registrar & Admissions Team:

Kandy Rutledge
Executive Director of Academic Records
Phone:  580-387-7232

Liesl Payne
Director of Admissions and Transfer
Assistant Registrar
VA Certifying Official
Phone:  580-387-7234

Jenna Orr
Retention Coordinator
Admissions Clerk
Phone:  580-387-7180
Retention Email:

Michelle Factor
Admissions Specialist
VA Certifying Official
Phone:  580-387-7233

Shelli Dodd
Admissions Clerk
Phone:  580-387-7230

Murray State College Provides Opportunities for
Student Learning, Personal Growth, Professional Success, and Community Enhancement.