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Steps to Choosing a Major


Step 1: Don't Stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are not alone in the search for a major. Many students struggle with this decision. Steps 2-6 are going to help you make a good decision.

Step 2: Get to Know Yourself a Little Better

Put together your likes and dislikes. Explore your interests. The following personality tests and career inventories will give you more ideas about your decision.

Step 3: Research and Explore Your Options

This is where real work begins.

*Utilize people on campus such as advisors in various departments and the Academic Advisement Center.

*Utilize the Internet! Here are some helpful sites:

Step 4: Network with Some Contacts

Before you make your final decision, visit with some professionals in the fields in which you are interested. Job shadowing is an excellent tool!

Step 5: Make a Major Decision

After getting to know yourself better, conducting research, and networking with contacts, you will feel more prepared to declare a major.

Step 6: Don't Stress, Again!

Once you have chosen a major, ideally you will want to stick with it because the more you change your major, the longer it will take to finish your degree. However, if you find a career path that you feel you need to follow, start over with your research and networking to see if this new direction is really where you want to go.
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