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Most institutions give COMPASS during orientation to incoming freshmen who have already applied and been admitted to the school. Some institutions may require you to take one or more of the COMPASS tests before enrolling in a particular program or course. Talk to your advisor, counselor, or Office of Student Services to determine the requirements and recommendations of your institution.

Click here to take a practice COMPASS test.

To ensure student success at Murray State College and to keep compliant with the standards required from the State Regents of Oklahoma and the Higher Learning Commission all students who have NOT taken the ACT or SAT or who have scored BELOW a 19 in the areas of Writing, Reading and Math will be required to take the COMPASS for placement.

After placement and the completion of any remedial course, the student will again be assessed to ensure college readiness. This will take place at the end of each semester of enrollment in remediation and passing the course is contingent on placing into the appropriate level on COMPASS.

Subject Enhanced ACT COMPASS Test Recommended Course
English COMPASS Writing Skills
18 and Below 37 and Below Basic English I (ENG0303)
38-62 Basic English II (ENG0403)
19 and Above 63 and Above English Comp I (ENG1113)
COMPASS Reading Skills
18 and Below 70 and Below College Reading I (ENG0103)
19 and Above 71 and Above Collegiate level courses
COMPASS Pre Algebra General
0-32 Intro Math(MTH0103)
33-66 Begin. Algebra (MTH0303)
67-100 Inter. Algebra (MTH0403)

COMPASS Algebra General
0-39 Begin. Algebra (MTH0303)
40-49 Inter. Algebra (MTH0403)
19 and Above 50-100 College Algebra (MTH1513) or Survey of Math
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