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Faculty Speakers Bureau


Finding a speaker for the many area civic, service, youth, community, and other organizations in Southern Oklahoma can sometimes be quite a chore—until you remember the vast number of state and regionally known speakers available through the Murray State College teaching faculty.

MSC offers a wealth of scholars, professionals, and hobbyists among our faculty. Just as we’re enthusiastic about providing our students scholarly opportunities and education, we’re also interested in sharing our wide range of academic and professional knowledge with interested community groups. From understanding modern art to learning about the education of women in medieval times; from learning about murders worked by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to discovering some of the Sooner State’s most colorful characters and amazing highways, there’s probably something for about everyone’s interest covered by an enthusiastic member of the MSC faculty.

Speakers and Topics

Alan Burris

General Art Appreciation: How to look at art (and not say, “My kid could do that!”).
Role of the Arts Community in Economic Development: How important are the arts in the community, economy, and education? Very!
The Local/Regional Arts Scene: Be amazed at the number and variety of nationally and internationally known artists from the Southern Oklahoma area.
Exhibits and Collection of the Goddard Center: Arrange for a walking tour explaining the changing current exhibit at the Charles B. Goddard Center galleries.

Sharon Burris

Tapping Those Creative Juices: How to help make the writing muses strike!
Reading and Writing Poetry: Why is it hard to read, and how can I make my own poetry fresh and new?
Let’s Write a Novel! Getting started, fleshing out the story with characters and plot, and when to end it all.
Basic Grammar for Business: Who or Whom? Which or that? And when do you use those pesky commas?

Ronnie Coppedge

History of the Freemasons: Interesting information on this fascinating group from the Middle Ages to the American Revolution.

Derek Dodson

The Fiction of Memory: Why memory is nothing like what we think it is, and how our brains fool us all the time.
The Truth About What Motivates People: Motivation is a multimillion dollar business. So, why are so many people doing it wrong?

Dr. Yoon Kim

Sustainable Beekeeping in Oklahoma: Learn about sustainable, global, chemical-free beekeeping from an experienced, award-winning beekeeper who resides in Oklahoma with millions of honey bees

Don Loving

Oklahoma’s Environmental Riches: Why Oklahoma’s Wildlife Diversity is among the Richest of the states and is Known among Ecologists Worldwide.
We Dance When Sun Is in the Bear's Cave:  Listen to some of the sky-watching tales of the Lakota Sioux and learn how those stories affected their daily lives. 

Rebecca Jacobs-Pollez

Medieval Women and Education: Have we come a long way, baby? Medieval European History: Fun and educational tidbits about an often misunderstood period.
The Renaissance: Interesting info on this period - but how enlightened were they?
Ancient Roman History: A fascinating glimpse into the past time of Roman glory…and infamy.
NASA Astronaut Training and Procedures: Behind the scenes look at what it takes to have “the right stuff,” from a NASA insider.
Aspects of American History: Just how well do we know our own past, really?

Don Mercer

Starting My Own Business: The biz tips every entrepreneur should know to succeed.
Investing in the Stock Markets: Where to start and how to work a stock market portfolio.
What Do “Computer Guys” Really Do? An inside look at what the IT industry and professionals are all about.
Various military-related topics: “So There I Was…” Stories and information about the daily workings of life in the military.
Finding that Perfect Job: Finding a new job will happen many times to today’s young.

Dr. Phillip Morton

Bugs, Bugs, All Around! Insects are the most diverse and abundant group of organisms on the planet! We can discuss the biodiversity and impact insects have on our world around us.
The Edible Insect! As our planet grows our protein sources must diversify! We will explore what insects are edible and how delicious and nutritious they can be.
Harmful and Helpful Arthropods: Insects and other arthropod relatives (such as spiders, scorpions, & ticks) are all around. Some are helpful, and some are harmful. Find out which ones are which, and how some are both!

Dr. Robbie Pearson

Getting to Know the Professions: This presentation introduces a corporate ladder, the job descriptions and salaries to students. (For middle and high school students.)
Job Seeking from the Recruiter's Perspective: This provides a recruiters perspective of what the job seeker is or is not doing correct. Discussion includes resumes, networking, and interviewing.

Kirk Rodden

General Oklahoma History: Everything you wanted to know about the Sooner State, but were afraid to ask!
Governor William H. Murray--”The Sage of Tishomingo”: Learn about this fascinating and colorful Oklahoma character who helped shape the Sooner State.
The KKK in 1920s Oklahoma: Yes, at one point, the KKK was an important influence in Oklahoma.
The New Deal, Great Depression, and the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma: Three events that would forever change the course of Oklahoma’s history.
History of Murray State College: How this 100-plus-year-old college has changed Southern Oklahoma since beginning as an agricultural high school.

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