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Applicants are evaluated in relation to the entire applicant pool. Those meeting the criteria at the highest level will be selected. Applicants who are accepted into the Veterinary Technology Program but do not enroll for the designated class must reapply if admission at a later time is desired. Students failing to satisfactorily complete any Veterinary Technology course must apply for readmission to the Program and will be evaluated, at that time, in relation to the current applicant pool. Priority is given to complete applications received prior to March 15.

Veterinary Technology Program applicants must meet MSC admission requirements, and preference is given to students who meet the following requirements:

1. Enhanced National ACT composite score of 19 or above.
2. Enhanced National ACT math score of 19 or above or MTH 0403.
3. Enhanced National ACT reading score of 19 or higher or ENG 0303 or ENG 0403.

Students who do not meet the requirements listed above may be admitted to the program with approval of the Admissions Committee or by achieving at least a 2.5 GPA in a minimum of 18 college credit hours (including Beginning Algebra or higher math). Students who are not accepted for admission are encouraged to complete VA 1114 (Veterinary Assisting I) and VA 1214 (Veterinary Assisting II) prior to reapplication for admission to the program. Students holding an A.S. (or higher) degree may be granted admission to the program by permission of the Program Director
The admission procedures are:
  1. Submit a Murray State College application to the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Submit to the Registrar’s Office ALL of the flowing and request a copy be sent to the Veterinary Technology Office.
    1. Official ACT score report and
    2. High School transcript or equivalent and
    3. College transcript, if applicable
Applicants to the Murray State College Veterinary Technology Program are selected in accordance with nondiscriminatory practices. Priority will be given to those submitted by March 15th.

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Veterinary Technology scholarship available:

Murray State College Veterinary Technology Alumni Scholarship
Oklahoma Veterinary Technician Association Scholarship
Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Foundation Scholarship

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