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General Education Core (at least 18 hours) required classes: 

ENG 1113 English Comp I
ENG 1213 English Comp II...
   OR SPC 1113 Fundamentals of Speech
HST 1483 U.S. History to 1877...
   OR HST 1493 U.S. History since 1877
GVT 1113 Am Fed Govt
BM 1403 Business Math
MTH 1123Technical Math... 
        OR MTH 1513 College Algebra 
   NOTE: MTH1513 College Algebra may be substituted for GS 1123 with Advisor Approval.

Gunsmithing Required Classes for AAS Degree: Program Requirements (46 hours)

GS 1001 Basic Firearm Maintenance

GS 1012 Gun Bluing

GS 1113 Gunsmithing Theory I

GS 1122 Gunsmithing Theory II

GS 1123Technical Math

GS 1213 Bench Metal Work

GS 1223 General Metals

GS 1313 Machine Tool Practices

GS 1324 Machine Metal Work I

GS 1512 Blueprint Reading

GS 1521 Gun Store Management

GS 1613 Riflesmithing

GS 2023 Metal Finishing

GS 2133 Repairing of Firearms I

GS 2142 Repairing of Firearms II

GS 2333 Machine Metal Work II

GS 2623 Stockmaking I

GS 2633 Pistolsmithing

GS 2653 Adv. Gunsmithing Theory


Program Electives: (26 hours)

ORI 1011 New Student Orientation

GS 1412 Handloading & Ballistics                                              

GS 1532 Intro to AutoCAD                                                          GS 1362 Machine Shop I

GS 2542 Advanced AutoCAD                                                     GS 1372 Machine Shop II

GS 2553 Intro to CNC                                                                 GS 2032 Adv. Metal Finishing

GS 2642 Stockmaking II                                                             GS 2392 Machine Shop IV

GS 2662 Accurizing Factory Rifles                                              GS 2382 Machine Shop III

GS 2412 Adv. Handloading & Ballistics                                       HST 2833 Am Firearms/Law Dev. 


*It is suggested that the General Ed. Courses be finished first to make a lighter schedule for the student.


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