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The curriculum below is a suggested program of study for the prospective law student. It is selected to provide the pre-law student with a broad, general background in the knowledge a lawyer uses, including English, literature, speech, political science, history, and business. No specific baccalaureate degree is required for law students, although history, political science, criminal justice, and business are common choices. Law schools normally require three years of resident study beyond the bachelor's degree. Credit requirements at various law schools vary from 84 to 96 hours. The Social Science faculty strongly recommends the curriculum suggested below. Students should choose electives in consultation with their academic advisor and based on the catalog of the college/university to which they plan to transfer.

Rebecca Henthorn, Psychology, Sociology & Behavioral Sciences Program Chair
Bob Carleton, Criminal Justice
Adunct Faculty
Richard Owens, Geography, U.S. History

Freshman Year
First Semester CR Second Semester CR
ORI 1011 New Student Orientation 1 ENG 1213 English Comp II 3
ENG 1113 English Comp I 3 HST 1483 U.S. History to 1865 or
Science w/Lab Elective 4 HST 1493 U.S. History since 1865 3
CIS 1113 Computer Concepts & Applications Science Elective 4
MTH 1413 Survey of Math or
ECO 2113Prin of Macroeconomics 3 MTH 1513 College Algebra 3
Program Elective 3 PE 1112 Personal Health or
PE 2212 First Aid 2
Total Hours 17 Total Hours 15


Sophmore Year
First Semester CR Second Semester CR
HST 1483 U.S. History to 1865 or GVT 1113 American Federal Government 3
HST 1493 U.S. History since 1865 3 CJ 1113 Intro to Criminal Law 3
CJ 1433 Intro to Law 3 HST 1433 World Civilization since 1500 3
GVT 2343 Intro to State & Local Gov 3 CJ 2443 Criminal Procedures 3
HST 1423 World Civilization to 1500 3 Humanities Elective 3
Liberal Arts Elective 3 Science Elective 3
Total Hours 15 Total Hours 18


Program Electives (3 hours):
BC 2113 Business Communications HST 2433 or 2443 English History
ENG 2543 or 2653 English Literature SPA 1115 Beginning Spanish I
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