MSC to host the OK Freewheel bicycle tour


Murray State College is proud to serve as the “home-base” for the 2014 OK Freewheel bicycle tour. The riders will be stopping in Tishomingo on Monday, June 9, and camping out on the North Lawn of the Administration Building. A projected 550 riders will take part in this year’s ride. The riders will depart on the morning of June 10.

Area residents can help make the OK Freewheel riders feel welcome in several ways:

Follow the Oklahoma regulation, and give the riders 3-feet of clearance on the road.

When overtaking and passing a bicycle proceeding in the same direction, the person driving a motor vehicle shall exercise due care by leaving a safe distance between the motor vehicle and the bicycle of not less than three (3) feet until the motor vehicle is safely past the overtaken bicycle. (Title 47-11-1208-A)

Make signs to welcome the riders to Tishomingo. They will travel from Madill to Tishomingo via 199, 78, and 22, and will be entering town from the East on Highway 22.

Make sure your dogs are contained while the riders are in Tishomingo. This is for the safety of the riders and the dogs.

Stop by the campsite and visit with the riders. Organizers say the riders love to meet local people, so please feel free to stop by.

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See also the article in the Johnston County Capital-Democrat.

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