Big, and Small, Changes on Campus


The Murray State College campus is growing. Last year, the Administration Building held it’s reopening after an extensive makeover. This past fall, three more buildings saw renovations and upgrades, and more are scheduled throughout the year. In addition, plans are in motion for the expansion and renovation of the Nursing and Allied Health building.

Clyde J. Hall Classroom Building underwent several upgrades in the fall and now houses the Business and Computer Science Department and the Language and Fine Arts Department. When the Administration underwent renovation, the Language and Fine Arts department was moved into the Lokey Fine Arts building. Practice rooms and closets were turned into offices for the faculty. Now the team has more room to breathe.

“We are all excited to be moving to the new and improved office facilities,” said Ginger Cothran, chair of the language and fine arts department after the reopening. “The Classroom building is a more centralized area that will be much more accessible and convenient for students, as well as allow greater physical comfort for all.”

Along with the new office space, the building received several other enhancements. The bathrooms were moved, expanded and upgraded. Each floor now has state of the art men’s and women’s restrooms. Vending machines were moved to an area out of the walkway, and new water fountains with bottle filling stations were added. Also, as a part of a campus-wide effort, the windows were replaced with energy-efficient ones. The new windows not only enhance the appearance of the building, but also help to decrease energy costs.

The first floor of Patton Hall has been refinished to provide office and meeting space for the MSC athletics departments. Previously coaches were housed across the campus, but now coaches have a place to accommodate them all under the same roof. Coaches for all sports, except for golf, are now housed in Patton Hall.

Lokey Fine Arts and John Fletcher Auditorium are slated for similar upgrades.
Murray State College also unveiled a newly remodeled and updated chemistry lab. The chemistry lab is a part of the Zimmerman Library Science Building, which has not had any major upgrades in several decades. Now the lab has gone through a complete transformation with assistance from a Native American-Serving Non-Tribal Institutions (NASNTI) grant. The $1.8 million dollar grant was received in 2011 and was earmarked to build new and improved facilities and create enhanced course offerings which will include inquiry-based laboratory learning experiences.

“One of the major projects taken on by the NASNTI grant this past year is the renovation of the Chemistry lab,” says Dr. Aaron Elmer, chair of the science department and director of the NASNTI grant. “The format of the lab has been changed to create a more functional teaching environment. The main lab and storage areas have been updated with high quality cabinetry.”

The new state of the art furnishings have provided more space in the lab. The lab also got a facelift on the floor, and additions to make the space more environmentally friendly.

The expansion and renovation of the Nursing and Allied Health building will add approximately 32-thousand square feet of space to the existing 13-thousand square foot facility. The facility will house the Nursing and Allied Health programs which include Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant and Child Development.

Several more upgrades and campus improvement projects are slated for the college including a lighting project and added signs to help with navigation on campus. The plans are a part of the College’s Master Plan.

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